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The “MOTION SPHERE” attraction is an absolutely different reality!

“AET/Amusement & Edutainment Technologies” are pleased to introduce the “Motion sphere” attraction - the result of our team's hard work, which absorbed all the best that the modern entertainment industry can offer.

“Motion sphere” gives the effect of full presence and participation of the viewer in a movie or game. Incredibly realistic three-dimensional picture, combined with special effects such as “water splashes”, “wind”, “mice' tales effect” and comfortable seats that can vibrate, rise and lean while repeating movements that happen on the screen is able to impress even the most sophisticated audience.

The attraction of the last generation is able to accurately emulate actions such as falling off a cliff, lightnings dodging, racing at high speed with a real sense of wind, water splashes and other obstacles. “Motion sphere” gives a feeling of complete authenticity of what is happening!

Key features

Gyroscopes that are built-in ultra-modern helmets “Oculus Rift” from “Facebook” give viewers the opportunity to look at any point of the virtual world!
“Motion sphere” is a complete immersion into a different reality.
Can be used:
- as a standalone new product;
- as an upgrade for your existing 5D-cinema.

Technical characteristics

- 3-DEGREE OF FREEDOM (3DOF) dynamic platform with 2 seats;
- 2 virtual helmets providing realistic 3D-picture;
- comfortable seats with exclusive design;
- unique 360° stereo content;
- 5 stereo movies for unlimited use;
- 5 stereo movies with one year license;
- voltage: 220v (can be powered by a conventional household outlet);
- 2.1 sounds system;
- the possibility to create movies and games on the technical task of a client;
- more detailed technical information you can find here.

Competitive advantages

  • The «Motion sphere» attraction in action - photo №1
  • The «Motion sphere» attraction in action - photo №2
  • The «Motion sphere» attraction in action - photo №3
  • The «Motion sphere» attraction in action - photo №4
  • The «Motion sphere» attraction in action - view from afar
- 7,5m2 compact dimensions;
- no need in a special dark room;
- no need in any screen and metal cabinet;
- easy to install and configure;
- 3-5 minutes sessions;
- special effects kit: “mice' tales effect”, “ water splashes”, “wind”;
- visitor counting system;
- convenient touch-screen controls;
- Individual approach to every client;
- 12 months of guarantee and technical support.

Why choose AET

“Entertainment technologies” - it’s a professional team of managers, designers, engineers, that creates successful entertainment projects all over the world.

Our services - are a modern and effective approach to the needs of the entertainment industry while considering issues of durability and quick paybacks of the projects.

We interact directly with customers, owners, investors, consultants, architects, developers, operators of the entertainment areas and the other members of the entertainment market.


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